Setting up recurring billing

I have a website that contains advertising which I offer as a purchasable item in my shop.

A customer buys the advertising per quarter. 3 months after they made their purchase I want them to be automatically invoiced again for another 3 months etc etc etc.

I am not sure whether I have set the recurring billing up properly for this and need a 2nd set of eyes to check for me:

Recurring period: Quarterly

Recurring price: original

Recurring Duration (months): 3

Recurring start price: original

Recurring start duration: 3

Allow customers to set up duration: No

Allow customers to unsubscribe: Yes

Allow customers to buy products without subscription: No

I then added the website advertising product to this Recurring Plan

Is all this correct in that any customer who purchases this product will get an invoice emailed to them automatically every 3 months?