Setting up downloadable products error message


I'm uploading some files while setting up downloadable products and I've come across this error msg while doing it:


It is not allowed to upload files with size more than 16M

Cs-cart gives me this error in one of their red error msg boxes. What it seems like though is that any files over 10M time out and won't upload. Anything under 10M uploads with no problem.

My php.ini file upload size is 80m. I don't know where else to look. Is there a setting somewhere in cs-cart I'm missing? How can I get this to work?


The fix to my problem was in the php.ini file.

Setting these solved the issue, just changing the postmaxsize or the postmaxsize and uploadmaxfilesize were not enough, had to change those input and execution times as well. I'm only uploading mp3 audio files, so anything large you'll probably need to bump those settings up accordingly.

max_execution_time 1800

max_input_time 1800

upload_max_filesize 80m

post_max_size 120m

Also note cs-cart currently not so good set-up for the downloadable product.

What are the issues with downloadable products?