Setting Product Positions In Admin

Just upgraded from v2 to v4 and when adding several products into one category I would like to arrange those products in a certain order.

In v2 there were very handy 'position' boxes next to each product to quickly add a value '0, 10, 20 etc.' to put them in a specific order.

Where in the crap did that go and what's the hidden secret to arranging products in a particular order?

If you look at the products listed in a certain category you should still see those number boxes beside the product

They are not showing for me. Is there an add on that controls this function?

Here is what I'm seeing image

Chevymetal, your are looking in the Products/Products view.

Try looking at the Products/Categories view. Then click on the icon showing the total number of products in the category/subcategory you want to organise.



I was missing the fact that I had to click on the grey icon to the right of the sub category which indicates the number of products in that particular category. Once I click on that, it brings up a listing of those products with the position options on the left.

Take care.