Setting product order

I feel kinda silly asking this, but how do I set the display order of products? I see how it’s done in categories, but it’s not the same in products.




as an example from the demo.

you need to enter the category you want to sort on, then at the top is a list of links

Add subcategory • Add product • View products • Delete this category • Featured products

click on view products, then add the sort order

Whew, I sure hope I don’t ever have to play ‘hide & go seek’ with them, I’d lose for sure.

Hint, hint, hint to the developers, this needs to be changed. Why not add Position to the add product page?

Thanks ET.


No problem

I agree, if you list all products in a category, POS should be there for updating.

this is the same design as X, which IMO is a BAD design.

Hi there.

Could you tell me where abouts in the admin.php I should add the code

target=products&mode=manage&category_id= 111



yeah no kidding! I accidentily found it once, but lost it again, thx!

And don’t forget product sorting is also dictated by ‘settings->appearance->customer settings->product list default sorting’, where you can choose default (how you set pos), price or alphabetically.

simon, you don’t add the code, just follow the instructions.

I have looked all down that “view products” page and can not find a sort order option. I think i am using 1.3.4.

Here are the options I have:

Avail. P

Product name


List price

Short description

Parent category

Full description

META keywords

META description

Image pair


Product Line

Product code


Shipping freight

Downloadable product

Enable shipping for downloadable products


Free shipping

Feature comparison

Zero price action



Page title

Please help!!!

I wanted to clarify. You CAN sort your featured products, but not the standard products. That is what I am looking to do.

If you want to change the order of products showing up on your category pages - do the following:

Go to Manage Products in the Admin

Next in the Search in Category - Pull down and choose a category

Next Click Search

Next you will see your products listed with a position #.

Just change those numbers to place the products in the exact order you want.

I swear I tried everything except that. You would think you would be able to change that info by either the product details screen or by the “categories>view products” way.

Talk about being hidden.

Thanks so much!

I did what is suggested here, the search and then product order, and it has not made any difference, the products still list in the order that they were placed in the cart.

This thread…or at least what I started was referrencing how to change the oder of the prodcuts as they are listed on a category page. I don’t know if there is a way to change the order of how they are listed on a cart page.

I think you guys are missing the point here.

First if you have selected “Product Name” for “Product list default sorting” in the Settings >> Appearance, this will become the default and not allow you to set in custom sorting. You must set it to “Default”

We know that a product can appear in one primary category and many secondary categories. And with this in mind we set a products position in relation to a specific category this allow you to defined a different sort orders based on the product mix in that particular category.

Cat 1

Pos: 1 SKU: 123

Pos: 2 SKU: 456

Pos: 3 SKU: 789 < in the category this is the least important item

Cat 2

Pos: 1 SKU: 789 < in the category this is the most important item

Pos: 2 SKU: 456

Pos: 3 SKU: 123

Notice the same product SKU’s can be sorted differently in different categories. If CS-Cart had set the sort at the product page it would not allow this flexibility.

We have product order set as default under settings which should imply that POS would allow us to order products - but it doesn’t. Any ideas?

How would you change the sort from asending to desending ? I would like to do this without doing a code change but can’t see any option for sort order just sort type name etc.

For example our products are time related so each one start with a date. The defauls always puts the oldest date first because that’s the highest number;




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