Setting Primary Categories

Hello CS-Carters,

MY issue us the following:

When my vendors select the categories for their products, they usually select and assign their products to all levels above the intended level.

For example a short women's pant should belong to:

women - pants - shorts

However, it usually ends up on women, women-pants and women-pants-shorts (so three different categories).

The issue begins if, for example, as primary category they select e.g. women. When the product is found through the search, the breadcrumbs show the primary category (i.e. women). So there is no easy way to use the breadcrumbs to see e.g. all available women shorts.

My question is: Is there a way to set the lowest category level as the primary category? If not, is there a way to remove the highest level categories if a lowest level has been selected for a given product?