Setting Flat Rate Priority Mail to be dependent on weight

Good Morning!

I’m in the midst of finishing up a cart install and ran into a possible snag concerning shipping.

My client is selling DVDs and planning on shipping via USPS media mail and USPS Flat Rate Priority for US domestic shipments.

We want to use (2) USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes - the small box which ships for $4.95 and the medium box which ships for $10.70.

For orders of 1 or 2 DVDs I want to use the small box and for 3 or more the medium box. I was thinking that I could set that up to be weight dependent since the DVDs all weigh basically the same but can’t quite figure out how to do it.

I was looking for any input.



I would make specific weight for each DVD so it corresponds to the size.

For example:

(1) DVD = 0.51 lbs

(2) DVD = 1.02 lbs

So the weight range will be 0.51~1.02 lbs for the Small Flat Rate

For the large, I would set the weight as 1.03~100 lbs for the Large Flat Rate (or limit to the maximum weight you can fit the DVD’s in.