Setting Conditions For Promotions

Setting up a cart promotion which depends on the purchase of one of several products. After adding a “Products” condition one can add the specific product and a cart quantity. So if I want it to apply to PRODUCTA or PRODUCTB, the condition might be as follows.

Products IN:

PRODUCTA Quantity[1]

PRODUCTB Quantity[1]

Does the above mean that this condition will apply the promotion if either product is in the cart in quantity =1? Would this condition apply the promotion if either or both quantities were greater than one, or must quantity be an exact match? I'm thinking the latter is the case as one might want to apply different promotions to different quantities, or have a threshold quantity for a promotion.

Thanks for any insights.

After experimenting a bit I get the way the conditions get added to groups, that quantity conditions match exactly, and how groups can be set to match all conditions or match any condition. It's some of the drop-down choices for types of condition I still don't understand. Specifically, I want to prevent the same coupon from being applied twice to the same sale. Originally I added the condition “Once per customer = YES”, but if the customer comes back later and wants to buy more then I want him to use coupon again. I am looking at the “Number of usages equal to or less than 1” but I don't know if this condition refers to the total number of times the coupon can be used or number of times it can be applied to a single sale. Any insights appreciated.