Set up Access Control Add On - Can no longer access admin panel

Good Morning!

I was following the instructions to rename the admin panel and made the appropriate changes to the old admin.php and config.local.php files.

I logged back into the admin panel using the new file name and activated the access restrictions add on. I edited the add on and the page refreshed and displayed a white background with “You are not allowed to access this area” displayed.

It’s obvious that I did something wrong. Is there a way to do activate the add on without having admin access? If not, what do I need to do to gain access?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!


You can delete the addon from the addons/ folder in your cs-cart installation, that will cause the addon to not work anymore, and should get you back into the system for the time being, then you will need to delete the rules you created from the database by hand (I do believe) before putting the addon back into the system.

If this was a fresh install with nothing really setup or time spent on it ,I’d consider maybe just doing a fresh install of cs-cart again and start over, it’d be a lot easier for you to accomplish that.