Set Manufacturer Default

Is there a way to set a Manufacturer Default in the product features. 80% of our products have the same manufacturer and it would save a ton of time if we could set that up. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance.


If you know how to use SQL, I always do this directly on the database. It's pretty simple to do, but there's no “blanket” answer given the fact each store is different and your Manufacturer feature and its variants won't have the same ID numbers as mine.

Otherwise, you can use the Bulk Edit tool, which imo isn't well placed. Select a bunch of products, click the drop-down at the bottom of the products page and select bulk edit. Only check 'Features' and then you can then apply values to each field for a bunch of products at once. If you have more than a few thousand products, it'll take you ages to do it this way but is do-able.

Your other option is to export the product data to CSV and add the features in to the CSV in the correct column. CS-Cart is pretty messy with how it handles features, so unfortunately it's not as easy as adding a column called “Brand” and adding values of “Sony”, “Samsung”, etc. Add the Manufacturer to one product, export your products, and see how it handles them, then take it from there replicating throughout your CSV.