Set different custom wrapper for content pages?

While trying to find the template that inserted the content page name into the content body…


Some Page Name


I found the hook and page_content.tpl but it wasn’t there and saw the pages by default used mainbox_general.tpl which has no hook. I deleted the code that displayed the title but wonder where in the core code is mainbox_general assigned to content pages? I’d prefer to create a custom wrapper template for content pages so that I can use mainbox_general.tpl as the wrapper for other boxes on the site. Any help is appreciated


Not sure I’m following what you’re asking for. Could you give us more a description of what you want to happen?

When I create a content page it uses the wrapper mainbox_general.tpl, I wanted to make a custom wrapper which pages used so that i did not have to edit mainbox_general and could still use that wrapper else where on the page. I couldn’t find where in the code pages were set to use mainbox_general as the wrapper / layout

Not sure of which version you’re using, but isn’t it in the little icon next to the Pages tab when it’s selected in the block manager?

That icon only brings up a form to setup meta tags, but i just saw where it is… If you click Edit to the right of the Central area it brings up the options on how to layout the blocks as well as a select menu to choose the block to use on all Pages…Thanks though you got me looking in the right area