Set Default Language

Have you verified that this affects the CART_LANGUAGE constant? I believe that fn_init_languages() is run before any addon init'.php files.

Yes, but you can change the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE value, isn't it?

But I don't think you can change it at the point in the process where it will impact what's being set as the CART_LANGUAGE that is used throughout the cart. What I believe the OP wanted to do is to set the language used in the cart based on his criteria (whatever that may be) without modifying a core file. I don't think it can be done but am certainly open to learning how one might do it if it is possible.

Try solution from my previous post in the init.php file of the module. It should work

Awesome, it worked.

Awesome, it worked.

Thank you for keeping me updated!

This is a very old topic but just for historic reasons and for all other that will come here to ask for a solution, I have to say that it can be done through an addon.
Addon files are being loaded before "fn_init_language", but their functions will not be called, so you cannot use a hook function in your addon to alter the browser language. However, in func.php or init.php of your addon, you can simply add a php server variable and set the default language for the cs-cart, no matter what is the language of the user's browser.

in func.php or init.php file of your addon add:

$_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'] = 'en'; //or any language code you prefer as default