Set 2 products


I need to make a set of 2 products.

Same product, different colors.

I want if somebody buy this set of products , the inventory must be -2 items(e.g. 1 red+1blue)

I have clothes that I can sell them at pairs.

Anyone know the answer??


Apparently the most close way to achieve this is :

Make all the combinations between the product option (1 option color)

e.g. blue+black(1 set)

blue+white(1 set)

white+black(1 set)

so that the customer does not get confused when he sees 1 item in his cart

make a photo montage with 2 products

But you see that this solution is not suitable for cases with 2 or 3 options and of course cases with 2 different products and not the same one.

any ideas accepted