Session length in community forums

Hi CS Cart,

Please increase the session length in the forums - it gets a bit tiresome to have to log back in again after just a few minutes of activity. Would you be able to make remaining signed in the default until a user clicks on log out, or at least provide that as an option? - Like gmail, facebook, ymail, any forum/ members site I’ve used recently.


I stay logged in until I actually log out or clear my cache - sometimes my computer is sitting with the forum open for hours at a time.

Ive never been logged out and auto log in when i come back too

Hello CygnusBooks,

Try to tick “Remember Me?” box in the right of “User Name” and “Password” fields.

Lee Li Pop

but just kicks me out when I click through to another post or enter a post if I’ve been elsewhere/ in another tab for a few minutes. It’s really not the end of the world, just a bit irritating is all.

Yeap, if you fail to click remember me, it logs you out very fast. I lost many posts that way.

Hello TexasGuy,

[quote name=‘TexasGuy’]I lost many posts that way.[/QUOTE]

Wow… What is your browser?

With Opera it’s quite impossible. Press “Back” button, and you get any previous page back (Opera read it from cache) even your written text in field is there.

Lee Li Pop

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