Service Unavailable V 4.2.4


Just wondering if anyone has this issue. Anywhere in the admin panel when using the search next to Quick Menu it takes you to a page saying Service not Available.

V 4.24


I do have Searchanize turned off


This is in the log file

Database (error)

Error: Access denied for user 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'@'%' to database 'xxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxx' (1044)

Query: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE _search (id int NOT NULL, object varchar(30) NOT NULL, sort_field varchar(255) NOT NULL)ENGINE=HEAP;


admin.php (fn_dispatch): 27

app/functions/fn.control.php (fn_run_controller): 370

app/functions/fn.control.php (include): 587

app/controllers/backend/search.php (fn_search): 29

app/functions/ (db_query): 187

app/functions/fn.database.php (call_user_func_array): 130

app/Tygh/Database.php (query): 333

It works fine in the cs-cart demo. As the error states, check your username password for the database.

Thanks for the response The Tool

If the username and password was wrong than wouldn't that affect the whole site? Everything else seem to work fine

I guess access denied does not mean the username and password is wrong.


You would think so. Check the permissions for accessing DB.

Will do


Check your mySQL configuration for where it stores temporary tables. Your cpanel or db user must have write permissions to this directory. Normally mySQL is configured to use /tmp as the temporary directory. However, many environments configure it to use a different directory for both performance and security reasons.

Should probably check with your hosting support.

Thanks [color=#696969]tbirnseth[/color]

Waiting for a response from Hosting

Thank you all for guiding me to the fix. Hosting company granted access to create the temp table and that did the trick. Thanks again