Service Unavailable - Smarty Issue With Cart Power Product Packages Addon


Recently we upgrade our store with Cs 4.4.x And We are facing problem with Cart Power Product packages Add-on when we activate this add-on Getting Syntax error.

Service Unavailable

Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "/home/makemyka/public_html/v4/design/themes/responsive/templates/addons/product_packages/hooks/products/prices_block.override.tpl" on line 1 "{if $ == "Y" && $smarty.const.AREA == "C"}{capture name="template_content"}{strip}{assign var=p_id value=$product.product_id|fn_check_package_product }" unknown modifier "fn_check_package_product" -->

please help me to fix this issue.


Maybe version you got is not compatible with latest cs-cart

Looks like the fn_check_package_product do not exist in the app/addons/product_packages/func.php file. Please contact their support team and ask them to check the problem