Service Unavailable Message At Admin Login

Hello. I'm new to CS-Cart, and am in the process of having my old cart (Cube) migrated via service, but this morning the admin page just gives a big red unavailable message. I can access it by turning off cookies, but then can't actually log in (worked fine several hours ago). The site itself, still in very basic stages, comes up fine. The error log I'm getting is:

Table '(mysqlname)_cscart.cscart_orders' doesn't exist (1146)
SELECT distinct cscart_orders.order_id, cscart_orders.issuer_id, cscart_orders.user_id, cscart_orders.is_parent_order, cscart_orders.parent_order_id, cscart_orders.company_id, cscart_orders.timestamp, cscart_orders.firstname, cscart_orders.lastname,,, cscart_orders.status,, invoice_docs.doc_id as invoice_id, memo_docs.doc_id as credit_memo_id, as points FROM cscart_orders LEFT JOIN cscart_order_docs as invoice_docs ON invoice_docs.order_id = cscart_orders.order_id AND invoice_docs.type = 'I' LEFT JOIN cscart_order_docs as memo_docs ON memo_docs.order_id = cscart_orders.order_id AND memo_docs.type = 'C' LEFT JOIN cscart_order_data ON cscart_order_data.order_id = cscart_orders.order_id AND cscart_order_data.type = 'W' WHERE 1 AND cscart_orders.is_parent_order != 'Y' AND cscart_orders.status != 'N' AND (cscart_orders.timestamp >= 1413143981 AND cscart_orders.timestamp <= 1415739581) ORDER BY cscart_orders.timestamp desc, cscart_orders.order_id desc
Error at
app/Tygh/Database.php, line: 677
BacktraceFile: app/Tygh/Database.php
Line: 333
Function: _error
File: app/Tygh/Database.php
Line: 111
Function: query
File: app/functions/fn.database.php
Line: 29
Function: getArray
File: app/functions/fn.cart.php
Line: 5397
Function: db_get_array
File: app/controllers/backend/index.php
Line: 122
Function: fn_get_orders
File: app/functions/fn.control.php
Line: 574
Function: include
File: app/functions/fn.control.php
Line: 357
Function: fn_run_controller
File: admi010.php
Line: 27
Function: fn_dispatch

The migration froze last night and I did receive an email from them that they're working on it 5 hours ago, but between starting that and today, no changes have been made to the CS Cart files from this end. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Nevermind, it was a problem on their end (which was fixed today).

Looks to me like your database is not complete. Should always be able to find the cscart_orders table even if you have no orders yet. Suggest you remove and re-install.