Service Unavailable Error

Hello guys,

I recently installed version 4.11 of cs cart ultimate (not multi vendor) and imported some products into the store from one of our suppliers when I start receiving the "service unavailable" error when trying to access one of the categories imported.

I switched to debug mode and here is the description:

PHP Fatal Error


Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 105801793 bytes)

Error at

app/lib/vendor/imagine/imagine/src/Gd/Imagine.php, line: 69


May I kindly ask you for a how to fix suggestion?

Is not happening for all imported products or the ones I created from scratch myself.

Thank you!




1. Try increase memory to 512M or 1024M in file php.ini

2. Maybe one of the images you are trying to import is damaged or too large.

Best regards


Hello Robert,

Thank you very much for the hint!

I increased the memory to 1 Gb and now it works without problems.

All the best,


Hello Valentin

You are welcome :)

Best regards