Service Pack 3 for CS-Cart 1.3.4 released

We’d like to inform the community that Service Pack 3 is released. Here’s the changelog:

[+] Live Help addon is added (beta-version).
[+] Customer membership is taken into account when editing/creating order now.
[+] Products and options are passed to PayPal server now.
[+] Start date and Issue number for credit card are added to Paypal Pro.
[+] Pagination added to manufacturers list.
[+] If redirection to secure connection failed, redirection is disabled and notice shows now.
[+] Export to Froogle is rewritten to meet the latest Google standards.
[+] Ability to export catalog to Google/Froogle with discounted price (product and category discounts) added.
[+] All displayed dates are multilingual now.
[+] Orders page can be viewed via secure connection now.
[+] Session ID regenerates if there're no records about it in sessions table.
[+] Google checkout module is rewritten completely

[*] Several templates are updated to meet XHTML 1.0 standards

[*] Attaching images to e-mail is improved.

[*] Order prefix option is removed from 2checkout settings.

[*] HTTPS detection methods are extended.

[*] Wholesale prices: price display algorithm is improved.

[*] XML parser is improved.

[*] Smarty template engine is updated up to the latest version (2.6.16).

[!] Thumbnail generation: if source was transparent, destination was not. Fixed.
[!] There was an empty line at the end of topics.php and blank page displayed in some browsers. Fixed.
[!] Image links formed incorrectly for the Google/Froogle export. Fixed.
[!] XHTML valid URL can't be entered in "ad's" and "page" url fields. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator. If no discount or tax was used then wrong values were displayed on the order details page. Fixed.
[!] Wholesale prices were not shown in partner back-end. Fixed.
[!] If wholesale price was higher than discounted price then wholesale price was not shown. fixed.
[!] Form builder: update button was hidden if there were no elements defined. Fixed.
[!] When uploading images/files via URL: if filename contained spaces, upload did not work. Fixed.
[!] If absolute-value tax was used, it wasn't multiplied by product amount. Fixed.
[!] Secondary price was calculated wrongly for product configurator. fixed.
[!] If amount of options combination was negative - negative value displayed instead of "out of stock" message. Fixed.
[!] Common statistics (admin home page) was displayed incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Order status description didn't allow HTML formatting. Fixed.
[!] User type 'Partner' is missing on 'Memberships' page in the back-end. Fixed.
[!] Subtopics links weren't rewritten by SEO addon. Fixed.
[!] When using AJAX for adding to cart and product can't be added to cart, "Product added to cart" message was shown. Fixed.
[!] Bug. When product has zero price and ability to be added to the cart, then on the cart view if you change it's option and click "update", warnings and wrong price were displayed. Fixed.
[!] Unlogged user could view the list of all store orders. Fixed.
[!] A graphic banner did not display if images were located on file system. Fixed.
[!] Date selector didn't show previous year in some cases. Fixed.
[!] Apple Safari web browser does not show several pages. Fixed.
[!] Newsletters weren't sent to administrators using send-by-membership. Fixed.
[!] Product features weren't sorted in the customer area. Fixed.
[!] Products amount wasn't tracked if tracking by options was enabled. Fixed.
[!] Access key to downloadable products wasn't sent when updating order status from order details page. Fixed.
[!] Product pagination links on manufacturer page weren't rewritten by SEO addon. Fixed.
[!] USPS global rates were parsed wrongly. Fixed.
[!] Wholesale prices weren't shown if product configurator addon was disabled. Fixed.
[!] Additional profile fields weren't retrieved from the order when editing it. Fixed.
[!] Additional profile fields weren't stored in customer profile, when updating profile on checkout stage. Fixed.
[!] Discussions addon: "Stars" (rating) wasn't shown on product details page. Fixed.

Good Job CS, I’m glad to see you have implemented some of our suggestions, I told you guys CS-ROCKS and more was coming…

Flawless upgrade. Nice job!

Edit: Can’t access any of my products. Reverted to backup.

Further edit: Added latest files one at a time and all seems to be working.

Nice one CS-Cart :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job CS! I have really been looking forward to the Live Help mod and XHTML template.

Just noticed something… In the root .htaccess the ‘rewrite base’ is set to:

RewriteBase /~zeke/cs-cart/trunk

Guess you forgot to reset that? :wink:

Is the full template converted to XHTML or only several .tpls? This is obviously a big difference :slight_smile:

[quote name=‘bholland’]Is the full template converted to XHTML or only several .tpls? This is obviously a big difference :)[/QUOTE]

I have looked at the templates in the download file, and it appears that a very limited set of the base template files have been changed. I have not looked into those files to determine exactly what has changed, though. Also, it does not appear that any of the core template files, such as index.tpl, main.tpl, content.tpl, etc have any changes at all. Since the doctype declaration is in index.tpl, I am assuming that the html output will still be declared as “HTML 4.01 Transitional”.

I was very excited when I saw that listed as a new feature, but unfortunately, it does not look like it is a very extensive rewrite of the html code.


just to clarify, XHTML valid skin has not been added with SP3.

It will be released sometime later, however before CS-Cart 1.3.5 release.

Thank you.

Theres still a hell of a lot missed for this to be xhtml compliant.

I have just finished sorting out their code in SP2 to ensure my site does validate and one thing I noticed time and time again was failure to close tags properly…

Im afraid to say, they still missed it in this update !

The best example I can point out is

In SP2

Check this file …/products_pages/sorting.tpl

Theres 3 opening tags, which are subsequently closed by

So I though the most obvious file to check in SP3 would be this…

To my sheer suprise, they fixed two out of the 3…

This is one file… dare I look at the others…doesnt look like they should be advertising anything to do with xhtml at the moment !

Anyway, as I wont be installing this, is the live help any good?

Ok above was 2 posts where added at exactly the same time…

How coincidental !!!

Testing it out right now, just having a little trouble logging in to it, it will not accept my username and password and it does not display the live help graphic.

I will play a little more with it. But the whole upgrade went very smooth know problems at all.

Ok for the sake of it (couldnt resist) I made a copy of my site in development and run the upgrade… using CS Manager.

Backup / upgrade went ok… a few mods to my template files where required which where to be expected…

Live help is showing no problem on the front page, however as above, it wont accept the username or password to login.

I also have a javascript error on the page, which wasnt there before.

If I set my products view to multi column, or turn advanced off I see nothing (maybe a template issue my side) but puts me off upgrading for a while with my live store.

I also noticed the .htaccess error, pretty bad to release this esp when “Nothing will work with seo turned on” unless you edit this file

I think a bit of a bug test was required on this release before letting people get their hands on it, especially for the novice .

[quote name=‘SWS’]I think a bit of a bug test was required on this release before letting people get their hands on it, especially for the novice .[/QUOTE]

Agreed – There definately should have been some bug testing.


In admin side when live help is enabled, on the right side at bottom use the “Manage operators” and add new operator, you can then login.

It works OK, the logo on customer side works in FF not in IE strange, but then again it is a beta but very nice for free

Ok DOH !

Live help is actually better than I was expecting, I use Live Help Messanger by stardevelop at the moment as I like the pro-active approach where you can pop up a message on a users screen and follow them about…

Seems CS has cracked this !

I see the image both on firefox and ie7, had no problems with that, but I am experiencing quite a lot of “product” template issues, such as categories / featured products etc etc not displaying so I cant upgrade my store with it until I figure out whats going on properly…

I still stand with my comment about testing required…

Try my site, see if its ok in your browsers : [URL=“”][/URL]

Feel free to enable a chat (even though my css file makes it black bg colour) test away if im here

PS ignore the template, I have been removing all the tables and xhtml errors… .slowly

but very unstable…

The chat program gives this each time I send a message or receive one :

Error Identifier: 19755

Time: Fri Mar 02 22:40:05 2007

Type: exceptions.ValueError

Value: invalid literal for int():

Session information


app_version: 1.0b

platform: WXMSW, wxMSW, unicode, wx-assertions-on, SWIG-1.3.29


Error Identifier: 60336

Time: Fri Mar 02 22:44:28 2007

Type: exceptions.KeyError

Value: ‘send_text’

Session information


app_version: 1.0b

platform: WXMSW, wxMSW, unicode, wx-assertions-on, SWIG-1.3.29

I just did the live chat with you, and it kept saying “operator has left the chat” and when it does that , it locks the reply box for me and I just sit there.

Did you actually leave the live help or is that some kind of bug?

Same here seems to be running slow

So far, ive not had a successful message received… :frowning: with 3 of you !

Correction… I have with Zardos