Server move, fresh start

I’m forced to move to a new and faster server.

Instead of just moving it all, I think it would be a good time to do a fresh install of CS-Cart.

Here are my thoughts, I currently have issues with my SSL cert. and CS-Cart will not upgrade my cart software. It also uses a lot of resources. I’m currently running 2.0.15.

I know the database structure changes, so I guess I’ll export my Products and Orders then import them into the new site.

By the way I’ll be setting the new shop on a temporary domain, then once it’s operational I’ll switch domains.

Does all the above sound like a good idea or am I setting myself up to fail ?

When I upgraded I went from 2.0.14 to 2.1.1. This is what I did:

1.) Installed CS-Cart 2.1.1 on my localhost using XAMPP (No Demo Catalog)

2.) Backed up my store and put it on my localhost

3.) Changed config.local.php and .htaccess so my store would run on my localhost

4.) Upgraded my new localhost installation of my store

5.) Deleted the database of the 2.1.1 installation

6.) Deleted the images folder of the 2.1.1 installation

7.) Copied over the upgraded store database

8.) Copied over the images folder

9.) I then had a working 2.1.1 installation of my store.

10.) I then went through and made all my design changes. I also had to enable / disable my blocks so they would show up.

11.) Once I was satisfied with my changes and how the store worked on my locahost I backed up my store on my live server again and then transferred over the new 2.1.1 version of my store.

12.) I then had to change the config.local.php and .htaccess files to match my server settings.

This method worked for me. The only thing that I don’t know about is what happens if you have users sign up and / or orders while you are working on your upgrade.

If you don’t have a ton of activity and can take care of this in one day you should be all set. Of course you might just be able to close your store for a day while you are doing it.

I hope that helps.


[quote name=‘brandonvd’]When I upgraded I went from 2.0.14 to 2.1.1. This is what I did:

12.) I then had to change the config.local.php and .htaccess files to match my server settings.


Brandon, can you tell me what has to be changed in the .htaccess files? I haven’t had to edit them previously.




I currently have issues with my SSL cert. and CS-Cart will not upgrade my cart software.


I don’t understand what you mean. What does a valid or invalid SSL cert have to do with an upgrade? Can you explain a little more.

What’s the reason you don’t just backup and go through the upgrade process without copying everything to localhost, and then moving it all back again?

I know this is what Brandon does, but I also know of many others who have simply gone through the upgrade process (2.0.15 → 2.1.1 → 2.1.2) and primarily track the conflicts in the 2.0.15 → 2.1.1 upgrade. I’ve done the latter myself though I choose not to go to 2.1.x at this point.


I use the localhost for a couple of reasons.

First, I don’t trust the CS-Cart upgrade with my live site. I never touch my live site with anything until I have tested it on my localhost first. Every now and again I get in a hurry and don’t test like I should and it bites me in the but.

I recently upgraded my site to 2.1.2 and changed the banner from flash to js. The banner was an after thought and I was in a rush. I added it and didn’t check it. Unfortunately I screwed up on my links. Luckily derbytown502 caught my mistake and pm’d me and I was able to fix it quickly.

I also have some modified files. Most of my changes are through the My Changes addon, but I still have a couple that I have to do manually. By using the localhost I’m able to make these changes during an upgrade without having to screw with my live site.

Plus, using my localhost is faster. I don’t have to upload any files, I just save and refresh the site in my browser.

I know what I do isn’t perfect and I know you are much more heavily involved in CS-Cart, but my method works for me. I mainly recommend it because it helps keep people from screwing up their sites and getting pissed off at CS-Cart.

Sorry about the long post,


Wasn’t my intent to crticize at all. I’ve not had any problems using the site upgrade tool and support many clients who do the same. Hence, since it’s the supported method, it just seems more natural.

I have some modifications to core files for both my store and my hosted clients. I find that if I’ve commented my changes clearly before and after the change, that merging those changes back is usually quite painless. It’s kind of a self documentation.

As with most things, there are many ways to skin a cat. I’ve also had very good luck with the ‘revert’ functionality when needed other than new orders and/or other changes made after the upgrade to not get reflected backward. So it’s really a restore rather than a revert…

No offense take, don’t worry.

I agree, we all have our ways. Like I said, I just don’t touching my live cart, that’s all.


Can always duplicate in a subdirectory so all server settings are the same and it’s easier to swizzle things once one is happy! Would need to copy the DB too before upgrade.