server image preview for selection

When I need to pick a picture and I click server, it pops up that file upload window that lists the directories.

If I click on an image in the directory, it gives me a preview.

Our site has thousands of images, who’s names aren’t the most logical. Isn’t there a setting so when you click a folder it will show you all the images in that folder as tiny thumbnails in the preview pane?

I thought I saw it do that, but it could be my head playing tricks with me. That would be much more useful. Clicking images one at a time is kind of a pita.

Any reaons you’re not using an import file and FTPing the images to a specific directory under the /images directory? Seems this would be the easiest solution.

I’ve found that to keep my brains together, I always rename images I get from elsewhere to -1.jpg, -2.jpg, etc… Just makes more sense.