Server file limit

Perhaps someone has some answers or could give me some insight.

I received a “warning” from my hosting that I have nearly exceeded my “inodes” limit. The folder with the a largest amount of files (including folders which also count towards this limit) is the images folder with 451,391.

What I find funny is I have over 21,000 products listed with 1 image per listing.
How the heck could I possibly have over 400,000 images/folders on my site?!

What could be possibly causing this and what can I do to “clean” things out without damaging the site?


Change hosting. Limiting inods is a bit weird these days. There are limits, but usually it’s a million or more.
What can cause it is image thumbnails and cache files.

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Very insightful, thank you!
Do you have any recommendations for other hosters? I did a search, CS Cart isn’t even mentioned in their list of platforms that are supported.
My current hoster wants $2,000+ for a 3-year plan that supports a little over 2 million inodes. That’s a little steep for me.

Zahid Host is a nice hosting with reasonable prices, often used by our customers. You can even contact them directly on our forum @zahidhost :slight_smile:

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Hello, please try our service and forget about this problem. Our company specializes in hosting CS-Cart and we have experience with websites from 0 to 2kk SKU, so we always help you to select the most optimal plan, our plans you can find on this page Fully Managed Cs-cart SSD Cloud VPS Hosting

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I’ve migrated my store to and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! Highly recommend their service!

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Thank you so much for the replies and recommendation! I will certainly look into this hosting!!