Server Expert Needed

I have been running out of space on my server and am Unsure what is taking up all the space.

We had deleted a load of data files from our online designer but this didn't seem to help much as the host is still on asking to delete more.

Basically I am looking for someone who can get into our server /backups etc and check it all out, to see where the best place is to save space. This is the first time this has happened and it seems strange to me.

Please see email below from host and also the spec of the server as a jpg.

If anyone can offer me a paid service to try and sort this out and to check if the server is optimised the best way for speed etc at the same time just get in touch.

Of course I dont mind just adding another disc or whatever but am baffled as to what is taking up 320gb?

You having the total 300GB Policy.Below is the include data with size in your policy.

root@server [~]# df -hT
Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3 ext4 9.9G 1.9G 7.6G 20% /
tmpfs tmpfs 1.9G 0 1.9G 0% /dev/shm
/dev/sda7 ext4 375G 321G 36G 91% /home

root@server [~]# du -sch /var/cagefs/
32M /var/cagefs/
32M total

root@server [~]# du -sch /var/lve/
2.9M /var/lve/
2.9M total

root@server [~]# du -sch /var/www/
12K /var/www/
12K total
The below are the folders from /home directory contains the more space.
311G hiviscou
1.6G elitesig
6.9G johnbol
1.3G wwwprint

In our investigation we have found that hiviscou folder size is
311Gb.Total disk uses of /home is 322 GB.

We have also checked and verified that backup of /home/hiviscou/ is available and downloadable of date 1 November from recovery section.

Please upgrade the backup plan or exclude files from policy.

Do get back to us if you need any further assistance.

Serv 1.JPG

Most likely its var/cache/registry probably server goes out of inodes. Cannot even delete ths dir as it contains 60,000 directories alone.. Was badly ddos'ed for last two days.

Upgrade backups would be my first guess.

Depending on whether you service mail on your site or not and/or do cpanel backups....

I would start with logging in via SSH as your cpanel user.

In the cpanel user home directory (I.e. /home/[username]

do the following to start with

$ du -hs *

This will tell you where to start. Then go to the large volume directories and do the same "du" command and narrow it down that way.

Where you find your disk being used will predicate what actions to take.