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I had a dev store in a sub directory /v4 . I didnt close the store in time so a load of urls got indexed by google . Now I have deleted the dev site and also added do not crawl v4/ in wm tools but google is now reporting server error for all none found/v4 links.

Any way I can make the server response to be 404 instead for all /v4 dead links



You can add a 301 redirect in your .htaccess for []/dev to be []. This should prevent the Google barf.

I strongly suggest that dev sites be done as sub-domains for exactly that reason. If you have to do it as a sub-directory (like for SSL reasons) then you have set permissions on that sub-directory to require a password to access. Then you can leave the store open for testing without fear of it being crawled. As long as you don't have any references to it in your production site, you should be fine.

Thanks Tony, makes sense.

edit, cant get it.

trying to redirect


tried a few strings such as

RedirectMatch 301 ^/v4/$

with this being the latest

RewriteRule ^$ [R=301,L]

still wont redirect, I have added to .htaccess in root

Any help anyone ?

done, was as simple as this to redirect everything from /v4

Redirect 301 /v4