Server Cpu Overload

After upgrade to cs cart 4.3.2, CPU 277/minutes

Before I'm using 2.x , CPU is 70/minutes only

How can I fix it?

What problem is this causing for you?

You are showing an aggregate of time. What period is this over?

I have no idea, just receive the follow message from hosting company:

Our server monitoring systems indicate excessive server load persistently maintained by your website.

Since we offer shared hosting services, and we host multiple accounts per hosting machine, the high server load seriously affects the performance of all the websites hosted on the same server.

Currently, your account consumes too much system resources. Here are some brief statistics of the system resources usage for your account:

2016-01-06 183:42 (12.33%)
2016-01-05 215:35 (14.87%)
2016-01-04 254:33 (16.15%)
2016-01-03 264:07 (20.66%)
2016-01-02 277:32 (21.77%)
2016-01-01 210:45 (17.09%)
2015-12-31 134:49 (08.65%)
2015-12-30 135:59 (09.46%)
2015-12-29 105:56 (07.61%)
2015-12-28 153:56 (09.57%)

You can also check the Resources section of your hosting Control Panel.

These values are beyond the acceptable limits for shared hosting environment. We consider as acceptable limits for a site on a shared hosting server 100 CPU minutes a day.

You need to either seriously optimize your website so that it uses less server resources, or you can consider looking for a more advanced hosting solution for your website - preferably a VPS/dedicated server.

Shared hosting is not recommend for a commercial eCommerce environment. Suggest you switch to a VPS plan or switch to a hosting company that will let you utilize the resources needed.

What is your daily traffic? 100 minutes of CPU is actually quite a bit for a small merchant environment. Are you utilizing a lot of features or image watermarks? Additionally, if you're doing a bunch of import/exports, that will also chew up cpu cycles.

Thanks your suggestion, just wondering why cs-cart 2.x version CPU is 70/minutes only, but 4.x version CPU is 277/minutes

Because they traded file I/O and DB queries for CPU to get better performance.

I see, thanks your information