Server Configuration


i have now new server,varnish installed, but the response if i want open is to slow..

but i am not sure which one i believe.

Some admins say, we not need fullpage cache, the other one say, not need CDN and AWS, the other one say no we must make cdn and AWS.. and other one say , ubuntu on server and configure the server and configure the database..

he mean this: without cdn and varnish.

I need realy help for configuration of my server and cs-cart.


Please try disabling the main menu in the block manager and check the speed again. If the problem is there, it can be related to the CS-Cart code and the theme.

I have disabled in layouts ( default ) the main menu.. But now i have maintanance mode.. site will not opened..

if want open i have this open first after millesocnds this

I think there is other issue..

But my question is why other can work with same them and me not. where is the issues !!!


i have try and see, a addon have this issue, too