Serve Different Languages Based On Domain

We'd like to serve different content (not everything - just certain language pieces) based on domain name.

For example; we have and Both domains resolve to the same document root on the server - i.e. serve exactly the same content.

We'd like to server our Italian translations for the .it domain and our English ones for the .com domain.

Essentially I want to change the language used for the translations in code dynamically based on using PHP to see what domain were are on.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I don't mind, ultimately, using an Add-on but it will still be useful to understand how I could do this manually.


version: 4.6.1 CS-Cart (not Ultimate)

For example, you can use two store-fronts and Regions feature

Customers will be redirected to corresponding store-front depending on the IP address

Additional code customization is not required in this case

This add-on may help you:

GeoIP Languages