Serious Problem With Cs4 Reponsive And Ios8

Is anyone getting this complaint? v4.2.1 responsive theme.

I am having customers contacting me that our mobile responsive site is displaying images incorrectly.

Reported Issues:

  • Same images shown for every product when looking at a catalog (WTF weird)
  • Images randomly all over the site (weird)

    So I went to my site on my JUST upgraded iphone 5 iOS7 to iOS8. Sure enough the problem exists!!!

    I then went and cleared Safari Cache (Settings > Safari > Clear Web History) THEN EVERYHTING IS FINE.

    I assumed maybe it was just my phone… then my wife (again a 5c upgraded to iOS8) has the exact same problem.

    What do we do!!!

Maybe “touch” the css file which will cause the cached version in your phone to be replaced by the current css. sounds like a timestamp issue.