Seo Url's Auto Changes


The strangest issues keep happening; I've been having a problem with SEO url'. I have 4 languages, and SEO addon enabled with "Show language in the URL" selected.

After last upgrade, every time I save a product page (adding or changing stock, fotos, text, etc.), the url that I had: "", changes to "" and creates a 301 redirect automatically. But I did not even made any changes to SEO values, it just does this on its one.
And even if I try to change it back it does not let me, the language code is "glued" to the URL's end, when it already has it at the begging.
And several of my pages have already lost ranking and/or indexation because of it. I noticed this behaviour a couple of days ago.
Does this have any kind of solution?
Thank you!

It means that the other object in your database already uses the example-product.html name. If you are familiar with phpMyAdmin, check the cscart_seo_names table

Yes, the table names are the same (they need to be most times), but they have the language variable different at the beginning of the URL, it should be enough.

Anyway, the problem now is not for the new URL's, it's for the already existing ones that cscart keeps changing by force and without warning, causing the lost of internal or external links, indexing, etc.

if its ultimate cs-cart with multiple store fronts then strangest thing is that you cannot have


you can only share product.html within two store fronts..

ecomlabs coded addon for me long time ago (that still works with current latest cart) that adds sku to name this avoids any duplicate entry..

Yeah this is super annoying and cs-cart should fix this issue