seo url not good like this html#.UBH4hKCAGVw

Hi guys,

Recently our site has a problem. The SEO URL changed to

I haven’t change anything of SEO Rewrite rule and .htaccess file.

All our products page URL has a #.UBH4hKCAGVw at the end of the URL. How could this happen? :shock:

I believe this is not good for SEO,

Anyone please help!

Millions of thanks in advance!

Your URLs are fine until your social media stuff loads.

When I pull up a product, the URL is perfect. Then there is a huge, huge delay while your social media stuff loads - the stuff right below the breadcrumbs - then after then load, the URL changes.

I'm not sure what social media stuff you are loading, but it is killing your speed. Along with the speed, it changes the URL. But, I am going to take a guess and say that Google doesn't actually see that funky URL, but that is just a guess.

I hope that helps,


Thanks Brandon,

Yes I think you're right. The problem is caused by facebook,twitter,pinterest social buttons. So, how to handle it and make them work together, any ideas?

I use AddThis for those things, but there are a couple of addons here on the forum too.

I don't know what script you are using for those, but it doesn't seem to be a good one.



i have the same problem over here did any one found solution so i fix it too

I just noticed I have the same issue.


turns into


Hi, this caused by the addthis code. If you choose not track, there will be no such letters at the end.

We have changed the addthis code with no track function, so it works normal now.