SEO URL addon bug

This is using Ultimate.

If you edit the SEO url in a storefront, but then go to all storefronts and edit the productname, the SEO url in the storefront is overwritten.

We fixed it ourselves, but would be good if it’s fixed in cs-cart repository.

There is a hook in the seo addon (fn_seo_check_and_update_product_sharing function) where the condition is triggered, because there is a difference in company_id=0 (which stands for “all companies”).

It’s comparing companies taken from product categories (“all companies” are not there) and all available companies, and if there is a difference, then this function treat it as if some has been deleted. So, they delete seo urls for this product and create new one from product name.

Were you able to replicate this or do you have any questions?

someone can help him??

Please wait for the official answer from CS-Cart team

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I am waiting 7 months, not sure what a reasonable waiting time is here but to me it seems pretty long

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Sorry for missing this and thanks for the reminder!

I was unable to reproduce this:

Could you please let provide me with the step-by-step instructions, how can I reproduce this?

Thank you.