Seo Url Addon Bug For Product Variations With Same Name & Color - V4.11.5

Hi all!

We have an e-shop (CS-Cart version 4.11.5, upgraded from v4.11.4), selling about 50.000 products (clothes & apparel) with variations (size & color), that are created using cs-cart's import feature, via a data bridge we' ve built with the customer's ERP.

>> We are facing a very strange bug when the CS-Cart' SEO addon is activated. On many products that have the same Name and Color, although the parent product work OK, size variations links lead to a "dispatch=_no_page".

The above problem is created ONLY WHEN SEO ADDON is ON, when OFF all works fine.

Furthermore, we have noticed that in product pairs (same name + same color) that show this problematic behavior, if we manually change the color of one of the products (all size variations) to a different one, the problem is fixed and when we change again to the original color (so that both products have again the same same & color), the problem does NOT come back.

Has anybody seen this kind of behavior? Any ideas on what could be happening?

Thank you!