SEO Rules

I would like to create a link to the page:

The page displayed will actually be:

I have tried the SEO Rules but it does not like doing anything but just the “”, which loads the default advanced search screen instead of my required products.

Can anyone help?

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Unfortunately, the SEO only addresses page names and not parameters (that I’ve seen anyway). To have it support parameters would require some custom development.

An SEO name is stored as a name (the name without the “.html”) and a type of either ‘c’ (category), ‘p’ (product), etc. and an ‘object_id’.

So when a request comes in for [url][/url]

the system looks for a name of ‘foo’ in the “seo_names” table. If that name has a type of ‘p’, then it generates (assuming the ‘object_id’ is 123) an internal url of:


for that page.

So the SEO routines would need to either lookup parameters in a separate table and/or decode the parameters from the name itself (I would recommend the former).

Thank you for your response tbirnseth

I understand what you are suggesting but the code is a step to far for me at the mo.

If anyone else thinks this a wortwhile addon please post your code here.