SEO Rules for addons ?


i would like to translate the url for profiles / sitemap ans wishlist modules, how i can convert it ? because when i try with rules modules SEO, nothing function :frowning:

Objects have a type in SEO (c=categories, p=products, etc.). I do not believe any of the profile pages or other functional type pages will work with SEO. However, you could write your own rewrite condition/rules in your htaccess to accomplish the same thing. I.e. seeing profiles.html would go to ?dispatch=profiles.update

I’m not an htaccess person, but one of the other regular contributors (maybe Struck) can help you figure it out.

well, i go see the seo module code, maybe i can find the solution :slight_smile:

I think you missunderstood what I was saying. Unless you’re going to add types for the pages that aren’t currently ‘typed’ and find all the places in the code that relates to those types, you would be much better off doing this with Apache Rewrite…

I understand that you’re saying, but if i can automatise this task without modify htaccess, after i can apply for other module easier :slight_smile: