SEO (requires URL manipulation engine - mod_rewrite or isapi_rewrite)

What is this addon for, and how should I use it?

Thank you in advance.


The main thing is that it changes the url of your products, pages, categories, etc.

It changes the URLs from:


To something a lot more search engine friendly like:



I see. How about if I use these URLs to specify links, i.e. from our slide show at the beginning. Does that mean I would have to change these after I enable this addon?

No, this uses Apache Rewrite Conditions and Rules.

If a file exists, then unless there’s a specific ‘condition’ set for that file or file type then none of the “rewrite rules” would be applied.

Generally it is to allow pages to be referenced by SEO Friendly Names and the cart manages these internally. You access the “name” via the Addons tab in the product details page.

Just to update you - I had to disable the SEO Addon after wasting hours on my birthday today, finding out it was causing a huge problem that noone could log in, register, add to wishlist etc. Basically the whole cart stopped.

I emailed customer service. Will keep you posted too.

Right, it seems I had a conflicting line in my .httaccess file :

RedirectMatch ^/$ /index.php

CS-Cart customer service removed it and so far so good, it works.

Since I upgraded to 2.1.2 I am getting

and now getting “en” and “2” in the address for any new categories/products I create when I wasnt before I upgraded? Any reason that anyone knows.



check the SEO addon settings and do not select “include language”… I think…

I had the same, do not include languages and it should stop.