seo partly working


I have just updated to 2.0.6 from 1.3.5sp4 using the update script, i then updated from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 using the upgrade centre in the admin section.

Thing is all my product seo pages work, but pages that i used to have like is now (im using to test the upgrade) and i can’t seem to get it to go to I’ve set the seo names on the page options but nothing.

However as i say all the seo for the produst are working, weird or am i missing something???( the links at the top & bottom of the page for terms etc haven’t been updated yet, all the links to these pages are down the left hand side of the front page)

Any ideas???

This was reported in the Bug Tracker as item #1141:


The developers see this as a feature request rather than the major bug it is.



I agree, this is a major bug. It’s crazy to go to from allowing seo (in 1.3.5) on pages such t&c’s and contact us to not being able to on 2.0.*