SEO names switched places with other pages

I just noticed that my SEO page names are all mixed up. The names seem to have been swapped around with my other pages. Luckily the store isn’t live but not sure what caused it. Anyone else experience this? I’m not sure if it happened during the upgrade or if it happened when I re-ordered all the pages. But don’t want it to happen once the store goes live!

Update: I went through and manually changed all my SEO page names to be relevant. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again. But if someone finds a fix or what could be causing this please post on here for reference.

Can you send some screens or live pages for example to see it?

I had the same issue going from 2.0.6 to 2.0.8. Some of the unneeded words in url disappeared if the title page didn’t have it, and all the unneeded - marks I left behind by accident while uploaded my products disappeared causing 404 errors.

Here is an example: [url]url] This should be my “custom-lettering” page but obviously the url doesn’t show that.

Pretty much all my “pages” are messed up like that. If you click on any of my “pages” in the box on the right you will see they don’t match up with the content. I’ll go through and change them before I go live but as I said before I don’t really want it to happen once I am live. Disregard any of the links in the content because they haven’t been updated to the new cart yet.

BTW. Anyone have any idea why I’m not getting emails for threads I’m subscribing to on here? And no, it’s not going into my junk-mail folder and my email address is correct in the CP.