SEO Name, META keyword etc.

When adding products I guess I should fill out the SEO name, Meta keywords/description? What do I out in these fields?

Thanks. Any other tips would be appreciated.

Thanks again.

SEO Name: Keyword rich URLs for your product, category, page, etc.

For example, let’s say that you’re selling a video game called NHL 2009 for the Xbox 360. A quality SEO Name might be something like:


then it will display to customers and search engines as:


This is important because there is some weight given (moreso in recently) to keyword rich url’s. The keywords in the SEO Name should match the keywords in your Title Tag, Meta Tags, and Body text.

Meta Description: Not as important as it once was but I do like to fill this out because in many cases it still displays in search engines as the text below your link.

Meta Keywords: Severely de-valued in recent years but some of the smaller search engines still use them. I wouldn’t spend too much time on these.

for us the seo name is automatically created. we leave it blank during the creation process. but we have had some interesting things happen with this. on several occasions we created a product page, the seo name was created and all looked good. we needed to make some changes to the product page and the seo name changed by adding additional info…

draperies–window-treatment-c186 (pre edit)

draperies-window-treatment-c186-c186 (post edit)

This wreaked havoc with links and indexed pages.

for what its worth