SEO name for subcategories in different levels

I've noticed something while rearranging the categories of my store. Here's the thing: I can't use the same SEO name on two subcategories which are inside different categories. I understand that SEO names must be unique, however I was expecting that I could do that since they were on different levels.

To make it clear, here is the current setup, with Home Products being a root category:

Home Products (SEO name 'home-products') > Mouse Pads (SEO name 'mouse-pads')

Home Products (SEO name 'home-products') > Mugs (SEO name 'mugs')

Then I added another root category, 'Creative Ideas' and the same subcategories:

Creative Ideas (SEO name 'creative-ideas') > Mouse Pads (here I can't use the SEO name 'mouse-pads' due to it being used in the above category)

Creative Ideas (SEO name 'creative-ideas') > Mugs (same thing)

Even though the SEO name wouldn't be unique for these two categories (mouse pads and mugs), the URL to them would be unique, ie.:





Is it possible to configure the store for such setup?

There is no way to do this by default with CS-Cart. Maybe something custom, I don't know.

One solution is to do something like:



This is what I did for my site anyways.

I hope that helps,


Thanks for the tip brandonvd, it's not the ideal solution but seems better than other things I was considering, ie. mouse-pads-2, etc.