Seo Mess - Category Links Are Considered Duplicates

Hi, I am getting mad usinfg SEO addons.

CS-Cart 3.0.6

I have a category, which is named “Vienna”, in Italiana and english, which exists also in a second store we plan to use as a whitelabel.

SEO alias should be “Vienna”, but the system constantly add a “-it” to is like it was a duplicate.

Engslish alias i “vienna-en” and “vienna-en-wl” for the Whitelabel

Italian whitelabel as an alias like “vienna-wl”…

table seo_names doesn't have ebtries for “vienna”

So, where does the system find the duplicate?

seo addon… ;) you can set setting to use same url…

in fact, but as I said, I dind't set the same url twice…

2 languaes and 2 stores (“normal one” and whitelabel)

Italian: “vienna” (not accepted, still corrected to “vienna-it”) and “vienna-wl”

english: “vienna-en” and “vienna-en-wl”

Please make sure that two last settings have the same values on your website: