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I moved to CS-Cart from pinnacle cart over a month ago, and have not been able to get any SEO results from CS-Cart, and I have SEO enabled. When I go to Google, I can see all of my old links, but absolutely nothing from using CS-Cart. Any ideas, as to why this would be happening?


After reading this twice, I think you mean to ask is why did google not update your links yet. Correct?

Somewhat… When I was using Pinnacle Cart, I had results after 3 days in the search engines, and since swithing over, I don't have any new results in any search engine.

i also facing this problem when i add new products it doesn't appear on search engines. In most of the products 20 days gone and still it is not appearing on search engine… Resubmitting sitemap somewhat solve this problem but everytime doing this way is not right. I see most of the third party script shopping sites products appear on search engine quickly…

Hmm, I don't think I have this problem. Did you configure your sitemap correctly?

Also, get traffic to your website. Post a link to a new product line on facebook, google plus, like the products… and so on. This will make sure google stops by for a new visit.

Try this…dont worry about the bit that says dont list on google

coincidence or not but I was crawled within hours last year doing this on 2 sites

Check your site with google webmaster tools - it'll tell you if you're being crawled, if pages are being missed etc. My site gets crawled regularly by google so its not cs-cart per se.

also how can other shopping site, not cs-cart, other script indexed pages count is 10k but mine is still same as 1k only… even i have 800+ products… any reason why it is ?

I have the same problem after about 2 years. I have another shopping cart on a different directory that have 1000 000 items but the cs cart struggles. I know some people are going to say t is me not cs cart, but if you compare it to other carts you need to do a lot of seo work for not much results. Even my sitemaps submitted to google has been crawled less than 7%. I did not even need to list sitemaps on the other sites.

I added some products and new brands in our shop yesterday evening, they are all in google today.

Have you checked your robots.txt just to be sure

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I added some products and new brands in our shop yesterday evening, they are all in google today.


Hi Flow

I can suggest how best to approach the robots file?



same here, added some new products and indexed within hours!

Note that there are a couple of sites I've worked on that the previous developer had added meta tags for robots of nofollow.

This obviously was intended to be for development but never got removed. So you might do a page source and verify that the meta tags are not disabling robot crawls of your site.