seo in 1.3.4

i was just wandering if in the imminent 1.3.4 there will be SEO urls.

or has anybody already developed a module for them?

I’ve been looking for this as well - SEO optimized URLs.

Can the dev team install this for us now or is it coming down the line?

What do you consider ‘SEO optimized URLs’ ? Concerning the static catalog, I’ve asked prior to buying and there aren’t any additional controls over file naming in the coming release. They will do a mod to change the underscore to a dash for a price, but I suspect that’s not that difficult and plan to snoop around to see if I can figure it out on my own. I think the product_id is necessary for the software to function, so I doubt you’ll be able to get away from that.

Or are you looking for a mod_rewrite utility where your php urls are faked to look static? From what I understand there is limited benefit to this, the SE’s read dynamic urls just fine as long as there aren’t too many parameters.

My preference would be to have a field available that allowed me to determine the file name myself (with the exception of whatever the software needs to function which I think is limited to the product_id) so I can use a descriptive product name and a short logical file name. But I intend to use the static html catalog not the dynamic catalog, so you might be thinking something completely different.