SEO Friendly URL Question.

Using products2 template on my home page. The ‘More info’ link gives this type of url:


Question is how to make this seo friendly.

I don’t think you can… If you’re seeing the ‘dispatch=’ in the status bar of your browser for the link or the page is resolving to a ‘dispatch=’ address for a product detail view then either you’ve run into a bug in the SEO addon or SEO is not setup correctly.

That’s the way the product2.tpl is coded:

{include file=“buttons/button.tpl” but_role=“text” but_href=“$index_script?dispatch=products.view&product_id=$product.product_id” but_text=$lang.more_info assign=“additional_link”}

I’m looking for a hack to make it seo friendly. SEO is set up correctly.

I don’t find a product2.tpl file on a 2.0.5 system.

I can’t find a product2.tpl either.

products2.tpl is at /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/blocks/products2.tpl


It’s in the skins_repository in the base distribution. Apparently it wasn’t there when my skins were originally loaded. Or it is removed by the default_blue skin when it’s installed.

I’m guessing it is a bug in the SEO addon. Almost all of the templates use the dispatch= method for generating URL’s. The SEO addon is supposed to catch these, lookup the reference and then rewrite the URL. But in this case it doesn’t seem to be doing so.

Sorry, I don’t have a solution for you. There are no ‘hooks’ in this file and it’s almost unreadable so I can’t spend time trying to understand it to give an answer. It is all wired for the ajax “change the values of things even if you don’t want it to” stuff. I find this particularly annoying since it rewrites prices, etc. on the product detail pages…

This sure seems like it is a bug. I would report it in the Bug Tracker. There have been some pretty fast turnarounds there lately.


[quote name=‘jobosales’]This sure seems like it is a bug. I would report it in the Bug Tracker. There have been some pretty fast turnarounds there lately.


Sounds like a plan. I will do so.

[quote name=‘roban’]Sounds like a plan. I will do so.[/quote]

gotta love my ability to pick up things that dont work…

I opened a ticket and received a response saying that this is a ‘minor bug’ and they are working on it. As soon as a fix is posted I will post it here.

Update: With an amazing turnaround time of a couple of hours, the bug has been fixed. I will post the resolution as soon as they tell me what it was.

Here is the fix for the SEO issue. I have included the files that were modified and a text file with the file locations. Simply upload the modified files.