Seo Addresses Not Working On Test Site In Sub-Directory

I installed a copy of my site in a subdirectory for testing, but not of the seo address work.

I'm wondering what could be causing this? I change the http/s host and path in the config.local.php file.

Everything else works, except this. The only thing I can think of is I'm testing with the Youpi theme, which they seem to sell their own SEO package. But I don't think they would swoop that low to make you pay $299 just to get a basic cs-cart feature working with their theme.

Btw, I'm getting error 404 with every seo address. Everything works when I disable SEO.

Please check

Thanks eCom once again!

It was in fact this reason in the doc you linked:

  • If CS-Cart is installed not in the web root directory, modify the .htaccess file located in the root CS-Cart directory and replace there the following line of the code:

# RewriteBase /

with this one:

RewriteBase /your_cscart_directory

where your_cscart_directory is the directory path relative to the web root directory.

You are welcome :)