seo addon packages overlap cart-power and alexbranding

In order to have our store ranking better I am now looking at several add-ons that may provide added value. However looking at several packages / suites I see overlap between them. I see two
add-on packaged that at least seem to be compatible with the Unitheme (version 2).

Cart-Power’s All-in-One SEO Pack - [URL removed]
Alexbranding’s SEO addons for CS Cart - [URL removed]

Both have overlap seemingly and Alexbranding has a few legs up but is Cart Power seems to be easier to compliment with individual addons by Alexbranding.

What is wisdom in this case? Like to hear from both developers and perhaps people that have employed any of their packages.

Both companies make good addons. I use UniTheme and its awesome. And I also use Cart-Power’s nice addon, but I dont use any SEO addons. Since you said both addons seem compelling, I would look at the future compatibility with your UniTheme. Alexbranding makes UniTheme so I’d be safe knowing their SEO addon will be updated and made with UniTheme compatibility in mind. Unlike with Cart-Power where they need to update their Addon not only to be compatible with Cs-cart itself but also UniTheme.
Also it’s clever to look at these companies’ other addons if they constantly update them or not. Some devs here behave like Google - make Addon and if it’s not very popular they stop supporting it, and will ask you for thousands dollars just to update their own addon. LOL
Either way, they are both serious companies.