SEO Addon not working for 'Content Pages'


I have the SEO addon in use for categories, and it used to work for one page, weeks ago.

So, all works except when I add new content pages. The SEO name in the addon tab for one of my content pages is 'chillers' yet when I land on /chillers I get a 404 page.

Am I missing something here?

Also /chillers.html does not work (this is the url i used to use and it was fine, but then randomly stopped working)

Is there likely a htaccess issue?

If SEO addon is enabled, content pages always use /page-name.html structure - therefore should work.

So your product and category SEO-friendly URL's work fine, but content pages do not?

What about the unfriendly version, does this also cause a 404 error?

Replace 'X' with the content page ID number (which is a numerical value appended to the URL in the admin area when you Edit the content page).

Seems very strange that you say content pages did work and now they do not - what changes, if any, have you made?

I've been making a lot of changes across the site, but only adding products, editing templates and so on, nothing major.

This works: /buy/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=4

But this doesn't: /buy/chillers.html

SEO Name for this content page is: chillers

Look for 'chillers' in your cscart_seo_names database table and ensure that it has type 'l' and object_id 4.