Seo Addon Creates Database Error


I face a serious trouble with the SEO addon…

My website is online and everything seems to be OK. But sometime (once a week) the website crash and this error appears when trying to connect to the main url :

Fatal error[color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]: Call to undefined function fn_seo_is_indexed_page() in [/size][/font][/color]/homez.44/MYSHOP/www/var/cache/templates/design/themes/basic/templates/[color=#000000][font=Times][size=1] on line [/size][/font][/color]55

[font=“Times”][size=“3”][color=“#000000”](I replaced my real domain name with “MYSHOP” in this example. )[/color][/size][/font]

[font=“Times”][size=“3”][color=“#000000”]This only thing to solve the issue is to go to the add-on page ([/color][/size][/font][color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]in the admin zone), and [/size][/font][/color][font=“Times”][size=“3”][color=“#000000”]deactivate an re-activate SEO add on.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=“Times”][size=“3”][color=“#000000”]This trouble is serious and I absolutely need to solve it, because my shop crashes in a random way, so do all my adverts linked page. No customers, no sales……[/color][/size][/font]

[color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]Thanks in advance for your precious and prompt help.[/size][/font][/color]


Have you used a custom in any other addon? By default, IIRC it exists in the SEO addon and Social Buttons by default. [/b][b]Have you edited either of these files? I assume you are running V4, which version number?

If you have modified any templates, post your modified code.

Dear StellarBytes,

thank you very much for you reply.

My version is V4.0.2.

I did not modified any templates (.tpl).

My version is a clean install of 4,0,2. The only changes I've made are :

  • manual import of customers account (addresses, passwords, etc.) in database from V1,5.4.
  • adding new products and new categories.

    Below is a list of the add ons I'm using :[list]

    []Sitenews and emails



    ]Buy together

    []Bar codes

    ]Data feeds




    ]google analytics

    []google sitemap

    ]forms creator

    []HiDPI display support

    ]Hybrid AUth

    []image zoom

    ]“customers also bought”


    ]top sales


    ]RSS feed

    []Recuring billing


    []Social buttons


    []Store imports




    Thank you in advance for helping me to solve the issue. This is really important for me.


the trouble appeared one more time yesterday. My website was down all night long…

very bad for the sales result…

should I rewrite [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif] with a new one contained in the cscart v4,0,2 ?[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]thanks in advace for your prompt help…[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Leo[/font][/color]

I answer to myself…. :confused: but it can be useful to other users…

I saw this line in the CSCART 4,0,3 change log :

[color=#555555][!] Addons: SEO: Storefront: The “Call to undefined function fn_seo_is_indexed_page()” fatal error randomly occured. Fixed.[/color]

[color=#555555]So I upgraded from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3[/color]

[color=#555555]update was [/color][font=Open Sans, sans-serif][size=2][color=#555555]succesfull.[/color][/size][/font]

[color=#555555]I hope this will solve my problem.[/color]

[color=#555555]I’ll let you know the results.[/color]

[color=#555555]Hope this will help[/color]


Glad you found a fix Leo and thanks for posting the solution on the forum. There are far too many users who never confirm what did and did not fix their problems, 8)