SEO Add On Enabled...Cannot add to cart anymore?

When I enable the SEO Add On, the URLs re-write and work/look fine…except when I try and add something to the cart, it hangs on the “Loading…” and never shows the pop-up with the checkout. If I turn the Add On off, everything works again fine.

Does anybody know why this might be and what are some things I can try to troubleshoot this? I would think it might be a server config problem, but since the URLs rewrite and my Apache has mod_rewrite loaded, I don’t feel its that. :confused:

Using version 2.1.2

Also, I’ve cleared the cache, uninstalled/reinstalled the add-on and rebooted my server, issue persists. Very, very weird.

Just some other updates…

I am working with a newer version of jQuery (1.3.2) so I switched back to 1.2.6, issue still persists.

I switched themes and disabled any additional changes and add-ons, no luck.

I am starting to think its something between Apache (have a Media Temple dv, Safe Mode off) and the Cart, but at this point I have no idea where to look. Any help is appreciated!

Try to uninstall/reinstall the SEO addon.

[quote name=‘indy0077’]Try to uninstall/reinstall the SEO addon.[/QUOTE]

Did that as well, see my original post. God, I wish it would have been that easy.


Anyone found a solution for this problem?

Thank you

I’ve just done a clean install of the latest copy of CS Cart (2.1.4 Professional) and using the dark_whiteness theme and having the same issue, with the same [poor] workaround: disable SEO addon and it works.

I’ve also found that if you enable “Show language in the URL” (which is not desirable for my country specific store), “add to cart” doesn’t hang.

This would have to be one of the most used addons - can someone from CS Cart have a look at this and get back to us soon?


In most cases the problem with the “add to cart” functionality occurs because there is the third-party “index.html” file in the root directory of a CS-Cart installation. The “SEO” add-on uses this file, so you need to remove third-party files with the same name.

Thank you.

Mikhail Ponomarev

CS-Cart Support team

Thank you Mikhail - that was the issue. I had a custom ‘index.html’ in the root as the default page for the public web while we built the store. I have removed this file as we have now gone live and adding products to the cart is working as expected.

You are welcome.

Mikhail Ponomarev

CS-Cart Support team

I'm having the same issue that cheestudio had…

[quote]when I try and add something to the cart, it hangs on the “Loading…” and never shows the pop-up with the checkout. If I turn the Add On off, everything works again fine[/quote]

On 'our own' testing server everything works fine, but we've just copied everything over to our hosting company's production server and we are having this issue.

We can 'enable' seo (only after we uncommented # RewriteBase / in .htaccess) but we cannot add to cart. It keeps saying “loading” but no popup. When we refresh the page, then the popup shows up AND if i then select “checkout” in the popup, it tries to load a page then eventually timesout because its trying to refer to https… see the link below (the “i” is missing in “index” and there are 2 slashes)

i'm using cs-cart 3.0.5

Does anyone know what this issue could be?

I found the problem.

When the hosting company copied my files over to the production server, they updated the config.local.php file and left a slash in

$config['https_path'] = '/';

should be…

$config['https_path'] = '';