Seo Add-On; 301 Redirects; Batch Load?

Hi all,

We have 1000s of redirects to implement in move from WP ---> CSC.

The OOB CS-C SEO add-on seems straightforward, well for adding one at a time anyway !

First up, is it fair to say that 301 redirects, using the CS-Cart SEO add-on, get added to

a .htaccess file in a similar way to a direct editing of said?

And finally, does anyone have a procedure / method for batch loading all those

redirects in one go ( using say a .csv )

I've had a look on forum / userguide but can't find zip.

Thanks for considering :-) ,


Usually, 301 redirects are set up directly in a .htaccess file.

But there are some cases when you can set 301 redirect in the CS-Cart admin panel

Mostly it is used during the catalog structure change.

You can import 301 redirects in csv file only with the extra paid add-ons. Check the CS-Cart marketplace.


thanks very much for reply, explains it well