Seo 4Xx Error Index.php?dispatch=Discussion.get_New_Post_Form

There is a continuous generation of 4XX errors in our website .

please is the error .Can some one help us with this issue . Why this is getting created and how to solve it .


Describe exactly what the problem is.

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We ran a website audit using SE Ranking software and we got the below errors .

Please have a look into that , Our website is . I have attached the errors i am getting

1) Pages with 4xx response

2) Pages with too long URL

3) Pages with duplicate title /

Corresponding links have nofollow attribute.

So you can ignore this point

You must add nofollow and noindex to #discussion pages.

Cs-cart team must add this by default (too many duplicate pages with technical pages)

Suggestion: add noindex meta tag for any page that have "?dispatch="