Sending invoices to customers

On my site I have to calculate shipping for all of the international orders. I then normally send them an invoice via paypal. With the cs cart I can create an order for them, but is there a way that I can send them an invoice for that order through cs cart so they can pay with any one of the payment options I have? I currently accept paypal and credit cards (the credit cards are not processed via paypal). Thanks,


Don't you have a “notify customer” box on the last page of the order_management screens for creating/editing an order in your admin panel? if so, just check it before clicking “Complete” or whatever the finishing button is.

When I create an order in the admin panel it asks me how the customer paid and it basically views the order as a completed order. Also, when it sends the email to the customer there is nothing for them to click on to take them to their order and pay.

Complete? I would think Open…

Unfortunately, I don't use this hardly at all but I would expect you could go into the order detail (after completing your end) and click the notify customer box, then click save.